Issues organisations must consider in migrating to cloud computing

Gartner research recently highlighted that the personal cloud will replace the PC as the center of our digital lives as soon as 2014.

“Major trends in client computing have shifted the market away from a focus on personal computers to a broader device perspective that includes smartphones, tablets and other consumer devices,” Steve Kleynhans, research vice president at Gartner. “Emerging cloud services will become the glue that connects the web of devices that users choose to access during the different aspects of their daily life.”

For SMEs and businesses “it will require enterprises to fundamentally rethink how they deliver applications and services to users.” Research by Quocirca and Oracle shows how companies’ perceptions of cloud is increasing to a more accepting role in their organisations – see our infographic below for more information.


Key issues that anyone looking to move to the cloud must address: 

Performance – It is important that the cloud implemented fits in with the organisations existing IT. If the existing infrastructure is not up to scratch then any cloud system will perform badly. On a more serious not, existing IT practices and hardware need to be reviewed to make sure security is addressed.

Migrating applications – whether a particular application should be put into the cloud or not. It is important to seek advice to whether applications will perform practically in the cloud.

Flexibility and agility – Cloud computing offersWhile looking at tools that will enable existing system to be migrated to a private cloud, it pays to look at the existing systems management software as well. a more flexible and responsive platform for computing.


To find out more about how the cloud can benefit your organisation or questions you might have about migrating, please contact us at Net-Essence – – 020 31 37 37 19

Migrating to cloud computing infographic

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