Businesses at risk from fake computer parts

Corporate investigation specialist Carratu reports that businesses are at risk of buying fake computer parts and software due to a significant rise in intellectual fraud over the last 12 months. Enquiries about intellectual property theft have risen by 400% over the past year.

This has led to companies being at risk of ordering low quality computer parts. Carratu investigators found that these sub standard parts were imported from factories in China, and in one case found a factory producing low quality memory sticks and SD cards to be sold as well-known brands. Small businesses can become immune to faulty and low quality hardware by using outsourced IT Support that can review all software and hardware assets. By having the necessary reports and intelligence to hand you can be assured to make the right decision with any new hardware purchases, reducing the cost and maximising the use of your existing IT assets.

Carratu also investigated a scam where individuals were buying student versions of software packages then selling them on at full price to small businesses and consumers. The product was the real version, but it was obtained wrongly. Gartner Research recently estimated that in a single year, 70 per cent of mid to large sized organisations will under go an external software audit. In today’s financially austere times, even small business will face closer scrutiny from authorities. Outsourced IT support can provide effective hardware and software audit reports available at any time meaning you’ll be well prepared and protected for any investigation. More so, by quickly obtaining advice from the IT support services you will know what software will be most effective for your organisation and you have the correct licenses and packages for your organisation.


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