The rising popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Schemes in the Work Place… What you need to know

Has your business considered bring your own device schemes (BYOD) in the work place?  There is an obvious rise in the popularity of bringing your own device, Smartphone or tablet to the office environment. A recent BBC article even goes as far to say “bring your own device could spell the end for work PC”. Read on to find out what this means for small and medium businesses.

  • Avanade found 88% of executives said employees were using their own personal computing technologies for business purposes.
  • A Cisco survey of IT managers found 48% said their company would never authorise employees to bring their own devices.
  • However, 57% agreed that some employees use personal devices without consent.

Switching to BYOD requires more than throwing open the barn doors and letting employees bring whatever device they want. IT still needs to manage and secure the data on mobile devices, whether they are owned by the business or user.

IT Managers on BYOD (Source: Absolute Software)

  • 52% accept some form of network access
  • 64% believe it is too risky to allow personal devices to be integrated
  • 49% believe the future of their organisation requires integration
  • 50% believe it can increase productivity
  • 82% have a policy in place regarding the use of personal devices at work

The major concern for BYOD is consumer devices interacting with the company without a consideration for IT policy. One study found a staggering 73% of enterprises have non-IT managed devices accessing corporate resources. Read on for the problems arising and the advantages of BYOD in the work place.


BYOD Problems 

The cascade of devices entering the enterprise, combined with the lack of a coherent enterprise mobility strategy, is throwing many IT departments into turmoil: their presence on an organisation’s network without the right tools for support increases costs, as well as risks of data breach, data loss and non-compliance. However, if implemented correctly, a proactive enterprise mobility strategy that encompasses a BYOD plan can improve compliance, flexibility, device security and contain network costs.

BYOD Advantages 

Devices need to be registered or onboarded so that users can securely and seamlessly access corporate data. Registration allows devices to be identified and user credentials validated in a way that allows IT managers to differentiate and control network and data access privileges. This also ensures employees have the right knowledge, skills and behaviours for ensuring the security of devices and ultimately company data.

Key advantages of BYOD:

  • Competitive Advantage – sales staff have to wait until they’re back in the office to access shared data or get someone to email to them.  Now they have secure access to all the important information that enables them to get that time-sensitive quote in more quickly or update prospects with the requested information whilst the iron is still hot.
  • Flexibility – just as mentioned, there is no more waiting until you’re back in the office – just attach and send that document right away from your laptop or mobile device.

Security Considerations 

Smartphones and tablets are being increasingly used to access corporate data and, as security is one of the main priorities for IT departments, it’s important to determine which corporate applications can be accessed from an employee-owned device.


Considerations when implementing BYOD into your workplace 

The BYOD phenomenon is here to stay. The biggest challenge for IT now is how to best manage all these devices and get their time back to focus on their core role. By contacting Net Essence we can review your BYOD policies, make recommendations and manage whilst considering:

  • Controlling the presence on the companies network
  • Evaluate the risks of a data breach and non-compliance and make sure the correct measures are in place
  • Make BYOD an effective part of your companies IT strategy to make your workforce more flexible whilst saving costs.

By effectively using the correct BYOD policies with Net Essence helping steer the way, you company can gain competitive advantage and save on IT costs!


Everyday, Net Essence’s clients enjoy the benefits of outsourced IT Support. Contact us on 020 3137 3719 or visit our website 


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