4GBritain campaign calls on the government “to do whatever is necessary” to enable the roll out of 4G

With 34 countries, including Germany and the US, already having 4G services available the 4GBritain Campaign is calling on the government to  “to do whatever is necessary”. There are several key benefits to 4G:

Key benefits of 4G 

  • Support improved mobile servies and ensure the latest devices work in the UK.
  • Drive economic growth and create jobs as mobile phones are the dominant telephone technology.
  • Unlock billions of pounds of private investment into the economy.

There are obvious huge economic and consumer benefits to 4G. Mobile has grown to be the dominant telephone technology, and especially important for business. It has also become a significant industry in its own right. The network operators employ around 35,000 people directly, which is more than the pharmaceutical sector. This rises to 56,000 when taking into account the jobs supported in their supply chains. They turn over annual revenues of nearly £20 billion and contribute £4 billion per annum to national economic output.

What is 4G? 

4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data based on the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA network technologies that increases the capacity and speed using new modulation techniques.


Why does 4G matter to business in the UK, and Small to Medium Businesses (SMEs)? 

From Net-Essence’s point of view 4G will significantly benefit SME’s and their IT infrastructure and devices. Businesses are increasingly seeing the benefit of cloud computing along with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) schemes in the workplace. Through accessing cloud computing and use of mobile devices, 4G will enable all businesses to do the following.

  • Gain Competitive Advantage – sales staff have to wait until they’re back in the office to access shared data or get someone to email to them.  Now they have secure access to all the important information that enables them to get that time-sensitive quote in more quickly or update prospects with the requested information whilst the iron is still hot.
  • More Flexibility – just as mentioned, there is no more waiting until you’re back in the office – just attach and send that document right away from your laptop or mobile device.
  • Enable growth and future business innovations – In particular there is significant potential for m-commerce in the UK. 4G can play a catalytic role by ensuring that some of the barriers to growth, such as slow speeds and poor connection reliability, are overcome.
  • Efficiency – faster connection between devices means businesses can deliver substantial efficiency savings and productivity gains.

The problem is the sale of the 4G spectrum has been delayed by operators fighting over how to distribute the airwaves and experts predict that the telecoms regulator Ofcom may have to go to court before the auction goes ahead, according to the BBC. Mobile network Everything Everywhere (EE) has set up a campaign to speed up the provision of 4G mobile data services in the UK. The network operator, a merger between T-Mobile and Orange, is urging UK businesses and consumer groups to join its 4GBritain campaign.


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