Monthly Archives: May 2012

Free Network Health Checks

Net Essence are proud to announce the launch of Free Network Health Checks for small and medium businesses in London. If you have a network of computers in your business, you need to know that they are all operating efficiently and that there are no problems waiting to happen.   There are three main goals:  Find out how […]

Top 12 spam producing countries

United States 11.43% Vietnam 3.07% India 8.02% Indonesia 2.88% Korea, Republic of 7.94% Taiwan 2.85% Russian Federation 7.52% Ukraine 2.82% Brazil 5.62% Romania 2.64% Italy 3.37% France 2.25%

Targeted and stealth attacks are not just for defense contractors

In 2011, companies such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Lockheed Martin, L-3 Communications and Northrup Grumman were all hit by targeted cyberattacks. Experts speculate that these organizations may have been hacked to gain classified information on weapons systems. While attacks against governments or defense companies grab news headlines, these same types of attacks also affect ordinary […]