Free Network Health Checks

Net Essence are proud to announce the launch of Free Network Health Checks for small and medium businesses in London. If you have a network of computers in your business, you need to know that they are all operating efficiently and that there are no problems waiting to happen.


There are three main goals: 

  • Find out how efficiently your IT Network is working right now.
  • Find out what problems might be affecting day to day performance.
  • Advise you how to fix any problems and improve your overall IT infrastructure.


And, five simple steps: 

  • Visit your office to begin the network check-up.
  • Run the automatic discovery of your hardware and software assets.
  • Collect and analyse the data that we have collected.
  • Produce the individual and customized reports about your IT systems.
  • Review the audit results with you and advise on a plan of action.


Act Today by following this link 


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