Monthly Archives: July 2012

EU Gives Priority to Resolution of UK Superfast Broadband Delay

The European Commission (EC) has given a “high priority” to resolving competition concerns over the UK government’s allocation of State Aid for its national superfast broadband deployment, which appears to be delaying the approval of funding for several related Local Broadband Plans (LBP). The EC assesses each LBP on a case-by-case basis and has already […]

IT Support Group Started on LinkedIn

Businesses are aware of many of the technological issues that could pose threats to their operations. This is good news, so long as you adhere to the “knowledge is power” school of thought. The problem is that some small businesses may not be quite worried enough about their IT Systems. This group is here to […]

Infographic – Online Threats

ZoneAlarm has released a new infographic that very nicely shows the online threats that surround us all. The infographic begins with the startling statistic that “almost 50% of PC users have experienced some computer security issues in the last two years”, before going on to mention some of the types of threat that are out […]