BBC web traffic hit 700Gbps during Olympics

The BBC delivered a staggering 2.8Pb (petabytes) of content in a single day during its coverage of the Olympics, peaking at a rate of 700Gbps as cyclist Bradley Wiggins took gold in the time trial event.

The figures give some indication of the stresses facing delivery networks during major events, with a record-breaking 55 million global browsers to BBC Sport online (cumulative reach) throughout the course of the Games.

The BBC said it also had 9.2 million UK mobile browsers to its Olympics coverage, making up 34 per cent of all daily browsers, with 12 million requests from mobiles for video throughout the Games.

The broadcaster had 1.9 million downloads of its mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones, while 40 per cent of browsers accessing BBC’s Olympics coverage were from a mobile at weekends with 30 per cent during the week. And a total of 23.7 million people viewed the 24 live SD, HD & Freeview streams throughout the Games for at least 15 minutes

What is a Petabyte?

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