Ofcom: The Communications Market Report

Global communications sector revenues increased by 3.4% in 2010 to £1,132bn – a record high, with the UK communications sector generating £39bn of revenues in 2010 (3rd largest in Europe behind Germany, £49bn, and France, £44bn).

Ofcom consumer research shows the majority of internet users have visited a social networking website (79% of UK consumers have done this).  The majority of UK internet users with a profile visit it on a daily basis, including 20% who visit a social networking website five times a day or more.

UK consumers are the most likely to access a social networking website via a mobile phone, with 43% accessing their profile page via an app or the web browser on their mobile phone, higher than all other countries covered in the research.

Over 60% of UK consumers have concerns about their personal privacy online and how their personal data are used by social networking websites. Despite this representing the majority of UK consumers, these levels are lower than for other countries covered.

Younger age groups and women with a social networking profile are the most likely to first discover breaking news stories via social networking websites. In the UK, 51% of 18 to 24 year- olds with a social networking profile agreed that they often find out about breaking news stories first via a social networking website; while 43% cent of UK women agreed with this statement (compared to 27% for UK men).



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