Ofcom: UK leading in smartphone, e-commerce and internet advertising

The UK is leading in smartphone, e-commerce and internet advertising markets among European comparator countries.

Smartphone take-up is highest in the UK (46% of all mobile users among the big five European economies, while nearly half (46%) of UK internet users also accessed internet services on their mobile phone in October 2011.

The value of B2C e-commerce in 2010 was almost £1,000 per person in the UK. Four in five (79%) of UK internet users claimed to have purchased on-line, higher than in any other country in Europe.

In 2010, the UK continued to have the greatest internet share of total advertising spend (29%), and had a spend per head on internet advertising of £65.53. While, the UK’s mobile internet ad spend per head (£1.33) is greater than in the US (£1.25), Japan dwarfs both its nearest rivals, spending £6.52 per person on mobile internet advertising.
In contrast to these growing trends, average time spent on-line on computers declined in most countries between 2010 and 2011. However, new internet-connected devices such as tablet computers and internet-connected TVs are gaining a foothold in the UK and our surveyed countries.

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