Introducing the Xirrus Management System

Introducing the Xirrus Management System—Cloud! The Cloud based management system allows the ultimate in flexible deployment

The Xirrus Management System—Cloud (XMS-C) is a cloud-based wireless network management platform that provides full monitoring and management of the Xirrus wireless Array network via a cloud-hosted web based interface with graphical map views. XMS-C scales from small to large networks and from one location to multiple locations, as well as large campus environments with thousands of wireless users. XMS-C provides help desk, as well as network operations and management capabilities for the Xirrus wireless network. Because the Xirrus Management System—Cloud is hosted in the cloud and operationally maintained by Xirrus, XMS-C feature updates, XMS-C performance improvements, and firmware upgrades to wireless Arrays are all handled by Xirrus without the need for IT staff scheduling or intervention.


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