Managed Service Providers Set For Four Bumper Years

The managed services sector is set to grow in double-digit figures for the next four years, according to a report from analyst firm Insight Research.

The research found that the worldwide managed services market will be around $152 billion (£100bn) and will increase by 11.3 percent per year and be worth $235 billion (£154bn) by 2017.

The study also reckon US revenues related to the managed services market will rise from $34 billion (£22bn) in 2013 to $51 billion (£34bn) in 2017.

shutterstock_113179024Managed growth

The increase in spending will, in part, likely be due to more enterprises seeing managed services as a cheap alternative to adding staff, particularly in the present economic climate of intensely slow growth.

“A large percentage of business activity now depends on the Internet for everything from electronic commerce to intranet applications to customer service,” said Fran Caulfield, research director for Insight Research.

“These data applications are driving exponential traffic growth onto corporate networks, while increasing their complexity. Managed Services allow corporations to handle this growth, while outsourcing the most complicated elements to the skilled service provider.”

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