Social Media Safety Solutions for Schools

Schools, colleges and universities need advanced security protection for their network and data. They also need control over how staff and students use the internet – both inside and outside the network. Netbox Blue’s award winning social media safety solutions are the only all-in-one technology available that offers a single device to manage these complex challenges. It has been specifically developed for schools, colleges and universities to deal with their unique IT issues and requirements.

Never before has the reliability of the network and internet connectivity been so crucial to an education provider. Yet, the increase in malware threats, the proliferation of social media and one-to-one laptop programs are dramatically increasing the challenges for IT managers and administrators.

A Netbox Blue solution gives an education provider the most advanced tools available to deliver its duty-of-care to internet-enabled students and staff. That means complete peace of mind for staff and parents, protection for students and a massive reduction in the burden for IT staff.

See the video introduction below to get a feel for how this technology:

  • Helps to prevent cyber-bullying
  • Identifies and blocks predators
  • Blocks inappropriate communications
  • Helps to identify students considering self-harm

We call this Social Media Governance.

To find out more about implementing these solutions in school, college or university, please see the Social Media Governance, Risk, Compliance and Security pages on the Net Essence website.

To find out about becoming a reseller of these unique solutions, contact Net Essence directly.

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