Monthly Archives: February 2014

Wi-Fi-borne viruses are the new thing to get paranoid about

Crack out the tin foil hats, there’s a new computer virus to fear that can travel over WiFi networks. The helpful folks at the University of Liverpool have developed the virus, which they say can travel between computers like the common cold between commuters. The researchers have called the virus Chameleon – it targets WiFi […]

Top 5 Windows 8 devices

What options do businesspeople and consumers have for Windows 8 laptops and tablets? You’ve heard about all the intuitive, touch-friendly features of Windows 8 and are eager to get started – but which device to choose? Do you want a laptop, along the lines of your traditional portable computer? Or does a fully-fledged media tablet […]

Top 5 benefits of Microsoft Surface tablets

For some time, businesspeople and consumers demanded a media tablet which brings Windows functionality to the touch-screen platform. With the arrival Surface, these hopes have become a reality, and initial sales figures suggest customers like what they see. Here are our top five benefits of a Surface tablet device: Top 5 1. Windows functionality Users […]