Top 5 benefits of Microsoft Surface tablets

For some time, businesspeople and consumers demanded a media tablet which brings Windows functionality to the touch-screen platform. With the arrival Surface, these hopes have become a reality, and initial sales figures suggest customers like what they see.

Here are our top five benefits of a Surface tablet device:

Top 5

1. Windows functionality

Users can access the Microsoft products and services they are used to, such as Office and Exchange, on the tablet form. This makes getting to grips with software and applications much easier, ensuring users can get up and running quickly. Consequently, it is also easier to transfer information from one factor for to another – for instance from tablet to laptop or smartphone.

2. Hardware

Surface has an unrivalled, stylish design, described by Betanews reviewer Robert Johnson as “elegant to behold” and “a quality slab of computing magic”. The tablet feels solid in your hands, offering additional confidence when using the device on the move. In addition, the HD video out, USB 2.0 and microSD ports offer users a range of options.

3. Battery life

Surface users can benefit from a long battery life – in many instances longer than that offered by laptops. Thanks to low-power processing, the tablet is a genuine mobile device, which can be used out and about without the need for constant charging.

4. Peripherals

Tablet keyboards are suitable for most tasks, but what about if you are writing long pieces of text? Peripherals such as mice and keyboards can be connected to the tablet using wireless technology, further enhancing the user experience. This means that when appropriate, the device can be used more like a laptop, but without sacrificing the greater portability offered by the touch-screen device.

5. Portability

Surface tablets are all about portability and productivity. The device is small and light enough to be carried under your arm wherever you are going, but powerful enough to cope with almost every computing demand. Whether used for work or leisure, the tablet offers flexibility and ease of use – making it the perfect accessory at home and in business.

Source: Microsoft Business

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