Top 5 Windows 8 devices

What options do businesspeople and consumers have for Windows 8 laptops and tablets?

You’ve heard about all the intuitive, touch-friendly features of Windows 8 and are eager to get started – but which device to choose? Do you want a laptop, along the lines of your traditional portable computer? Or does a fully-fledged media tablet hold greater appeal.

Here are five of the best hardware options for users seeking an upgrade to the Windows 8 operating system:

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft’s own tablet Surface are the obvious starting point for users looking to upgrade, particularly if they are sure they want a tablet rather than a laptop. The powerful slate device – launched in 2012 – has been designed with the latest MS operating system in mind. It offers ease-of-use, great portability and plenty of features designed to optimise the user experience. Among these are the built-in kickstand, cover and keyboard.

Sony Vaio Duo

Another option for Windows 8 is the Sony Vaio Duo, a laptop which has the outward presence of a tablet device. It has a sliding keyboard which is kept under the display when the laptop is being carried around, meaning users benefit from great portability. The keyboard may be a little cramped, but it supports basic typing functions and allows mobile workers to be productive while away from the office.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

Users can flip and fold the IdeaPad Yoga into four different positions, offering great flexibility according to where they are and what they are looking to do. The device can be set up as a laptop, tablet, tent and stand, and with hours and hours of battery life it is ideal for remote working. The device comes with a full laptop keyboard but also offers a Windows 8 touch experience.

Toshiba Satellite

The Toshiba Satellite serves a number of purposes, offering portability, features and strong performance. Writing for eWeek, reviewer Darryl K. Taft said the device offers the performance of a conventional PC but with slimmer styling and less weight. The slim, lightweight design may appeal to users seeking a Windows 8 experience on a highly portable device.

ThinkPad Twist

Part of the Intel ultrabook family, the ThinkPad Twist is capable of being rotated 180 degrees in each direction using a special hinge and lock. The 12.5-inch touch-enabled display is user-friendly, but a little more battery life may be preferable for business users out on the road.

Source: Microsoft Business

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