London’s Broadband Coverage is Amongst the Worse

London ranks 26th in the league of European capitals.

London ranks 38th in the top 40 British cities.

These rankings mean that London is one of the worst cities in Britain (and Europe) for broadband speeds.

1 - London


Whilst it may appear that London has good coverage from the image above, the truth is seen in the image below.

6 - London


The shocking state of London (and the UK’s) broadband provision means that 10 million UK homes and businesses are unable to access superfast broadband.

In the Cities of London and Westminster only 31% of premises having access to super-fast connections, defined as those with speeds above 24 megabits a second, as of August 2014. This is a serious threat to the growth and even survival of businesses in central London.

Options do exist for businesses where the broadband speeds are low, such as bonded ADSL or installing leased lines. Financial support is also available to some businesses through the Connections Vouchers scheme, but for many, the poor provision means that their business will suffer.



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