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Groups in Office 365

People are social. Some say it’s our most defining characteristic. We work and play in groups so we can talk, listen, collaborate, and accomplish something. We quickly get together to get stuff done or organize into a team or association. Whatever the reason, people in a group know and trust each other, chat regularly, and […]

Microsoft Signature Edition

  No junkware or trialware Some new PCs come pre-installed with programs, toolbars, utilities and screensavers that you might not want and may never use. This can slow down your computer and junk up your Start screen or desktop. When you buy a new PC at Microsoft Store, we ensure there’s no third-party junkware or […]

London’s Broadband Coverage is Amongst the Worse

London ranks 26th in the league of European capitals. London ranks 38th in the top 40 British cities. These rankings mean that London is one of the worst cities in Britain (and Europe) for broadband speeds.   Whilst it may appear that London has good coverage from the image above, the truth is seen in […]