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Hidden Dangers Of HTML Attachments

Research from our partners has spotted an up and coming trend; malicious HTML “attackments” that are used for credentials phishing. There are a couple of reasons why the bad guys have taken a liking to HTML: Reduced chance of antivirus detection Users are familiar with this, and do not see harm Bad guys are using […]

Disable Flash – Seriously!

TrendMicro has posted yet another 0-day AKA urgent Flash hole that could put your data at risk. The Hacking Team, a group of professional hackers who supplied governments with hacking tools and whose entire information database was recently leaked, used this exploit to attack computers without the user’s knowledge. The new vulnerability, CVE-2015-5123, follows two […]

Was Your Dropbox Password Hacked?

Popular online locker service Dropbox appears to have been hacked. A series of posts have been made to Pastebin allegedly containing login credentials for hundreds of Dropbox accounts. The poster claims that 6,937,081 account credentials in total have been compromised. reddit users who tested some of the leaked credentials have confirmed that at least some of […]