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Business leaders urged to step-up response to cyber threats

On 5 September 2012, the government published advice to business on measures that they can take to raise the levels of cyber security within their organisations and their supply chains. Although advice on how businesses can better secure their networks and data already exists, for the first time this brings together in one place government advice […]

Infographic – Online Threats

ZoneAlarm has released a new infographic that very nicely shows the online threats that surround us all. The infographic begins with the startling statistic that “almost 50% of PC users have experienced some computer security issues in the last two years”, before going on to mention some of the types of threat that are out […]

Unlicensed Software Is Bad For Business – But there is help at hand

Research conducted recently by the Business Software Alliance has found that more than a quarter of UK computer users admit to having unlicensed software. Furthermore, one in four programmes installed by users in the UK were unlicensed. The commercial value of this unlicensed software was £1.2 billion. Across Europe, business decision makers confess to pirating […]