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Data Protection Changes With New EU Directive

Justice ministers at the European Commission (EC) have at last provisionally approved a finalised version of the laws, meaning that they can now move on to the next stage of the ratification process – final discussions between the European Parliament, the EC and the Council of the European Union. The first meeting between the three […]

Mail Protection Reports for Office 365

If you’re an Exchange Online or Exchange Online Protection (EOP) admin, there’s a good chance you’d like to monitor how much spam and malware is being detected, or how often your transport rules are being matched. With the interactive mail protection reports in the Office 365 admin centre, you can quickly get a visual report […]

Groups in Office 365

People are social. Some say it’s our most defining characteristic. We work and play in groups so we can talk, listen, collaborate, and accomplish something. We quickly get together to get stuff done or organize into a team or association. Whatever the reason, people in a group know and trust each other, chat regularly, and […]