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Introducing the Xirrus Management System

Introducing the Xirrus Management System—Cloud! The Cloud based management system allows the ultimate in flexible deployment The Xirrus Management System—Cloud (XMS-C) is a cloud-based wireless network management platform that provides full monitoring and management of the Xirrus wireless Array network via a cloud-hosted web based interface with graphical map views. XMS-C scales from small to […]

Top 4 myths of cloud computing

Are you thinking about the cloud for your IT? How about just for your e-mails or files? Are you considering putting your entire network in the cloud? The demand for cloud computing is growing at an unprecedented rate. Gartner predicts the cloud market will be over the $148 Billion mark by 2014. Its economies of […]

IT Support Group Started on LinkedIn

Businesses are aware of many of the technological issues that could pose threats to their operations. This is good news, so long as you adhere to the “knowledge is power” school of thought. The problem is that some small businesses may not be quite worried enough about their IT Systems. This group is here to […]