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The Fall of Fake Antivirus

Fake antivirus software is still one of the more common types of malware, although that began to change in 2011. This malware pretends to find dangerous security threats such as viruses on your computer. The initial scan is free, but if you want to clean up the fraudulently-reported threats, you need to pay. The fake […]

How can you detect if your computer has been infected with DNS Changer virus?

There has been a lot of talk about the DNS Changer computer virus that has affected an estimated four million computers around the world. What does this this virus do? Basically, if you are infected with this virus, when you try to visit a legitimate website, you are automatically redirected to a different website. The […]

Recruitment Scams

A scam that targets businesses advertising job opportunities has already cost one company the best part of £100,000 according to the FBI. How it works After advertising vacancies, the companies receive applications by e-mail. The e-mails contain attachments that when opened, infect the user’s PC with malware. Once the machine is compromised, the hackers use […]