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Businesses at risk from fake computer parts

Corporate investigation specialist Carratu reports that businesses are at risk of buying fake computer parts and software due to a significant rise in intellectual fraud over the last 12 months. Enquiries about intellectual property theft have risen by 400% over the past year. This has led to companies being at risk of ordering low quality […]

Issues organisations must consider in migrating to cloud computing

Migrating to cloud computing infographic

Gartner research recently highlighted that the personal cloud will replace the PC as the center of our digital lives as soon as 2014. “Major trends in client computing have shifted the market away from a focus on personal computers to a broader device perspective that includes smartphones, tablets and other consumer devices,” Steve Kleynhans, research […]

Symantec 2011 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey

Symantec’s 2011 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey found that though SMBs are at risk, they are still not making disaster preparedness a priority until they experience a disaster or data loss. The data also reveals that disasters can have a significant financial impact on SMBs. The median cost of downtime for an SMB is almost £8,000 […]