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Has government hurt education exports?

One of the UK’s great global competitive strengths is in education, which contributes around £10bn a year in export earnings. Which is useful at a time when the gap between our earnings from the rest of the world, and what we pay to the rest of the world, has been widening. So it may be […]

Fewer than a third of large EU companies have BYOD policies

Fewer than a third of businesses in Europe with more than 1,000 employees have a formal ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) policy, but almost all British businesses (97%) have suffered or anticipated a BYOD security breach, according to a new study. Samsung surveyed chief information officers (CIOs) and IT decision makers at 490 European companies […]

Janet6 Goes Live

UK JANET Network Scales Towards 400Gbps A £30 million overhaul of the UK’s higher education computing network JANET has been completed. Dubbed JANET 6, the project has been managed by the higher education IT consortium Jisc. It has 10 times the capacity of the current system and aims to satisfy the demand of UK universities […]