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Office 365 Data Privacy

Businesses are looking to cloud-based productivity tools to allow them to collaborate more efficiently and to work from virtually anywhere. With more information living “in the wild”, organizations are naturally concerned about the privacy of their data. Microsoft has taken steps to make Office 365 more attractive to European and US customers who have to […]

Managed Service Providers Set For Four Bumper Years

The managed services sector is set to grow in double-digit figures for the next four years, according to a report from analyst firm Insight Research. The research found that the worldwide managed services market will be around $152 billion (£100bn) and will increase by 11.3 percent per year and be worth $235 billion (£154bn) by 2017. The […]

UK Internet Usage Patterns and Demographics

Demographics There were 52,731,209 internet users in the UK (representing 84.1% of the population) in mid-year 2012 (June 30, 2012), according to Internet World Stats. (Internet World Stats, October 2012) There were 41.99 million adults in the UK who had ever used the internet by the end of 2011 Q4, according to the Office for […]