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Wi-Fi-borne viruses are the new thing to get paranoid about

Crack out the tin foil hats, there’s a new computer virus to fear that can travel over WiFi networks. The helpful folks at the University of Liverpool have developed the virus, which they say can travel between computers like the common cold between commuters. The researchers have called the virus Chameleon – it targets WiFi […]

Infographic – Online Threats

ZoneAlarm has released a new infographic that very nicely shows the online threats that surround us all. The infographic begins with the startling statistic that “almost 50% of PC users have experienced some computer security issues in the last two years”, before going on to mention some of the types of threat that are out […]

The Fall of Fake Antivirus

Fake antivirus software is still one of the more common types of malware, although that began to change in 2011. This malware pretends to find dangerous security threats such as viruses on your computer. The initial scan is free, but if you want to clean up the fraudulently-reported threats, you need to pay. The fake […]