Regarding the change to Office 365 ... in short we are very very happy. Having all mails in a cloud so they are readable on a number of computers is a god send!

I'm chuffed with the change - thanks very much for recommending it.

Tris Best - The Official Test Centre - 31st Jukly 2014

David MacGregor
I cannot speak highly enough about the technical support I receive from Catalin. He is technically very competent. Moreover he is unfailingly courteous and helpful, and he is there is return calls. He is not put off by demands great or small. Yesterday he talked to my hosting service for me when my e-mails all completely disappeared from my desktop and laptop,  and was successful in restoring them all. Although I have not met him, he makes a great positive difference to my life, I can honestly say.

Isobel Carter - Incarter International Ltd. - 6th September 2012
I have known Yvan for over six years, he has supported our mission critical IT Infrastructure for over ten years and continues to provide exceptional first class IT support and hosting services. Yvan and his Team work hard to urgently resolve issues and are always ahead of the curve regarding new technology and business solutions to help improve and drive down running costs. Yvan is a very talented professional with an engaging and friendly manner. He has a wealth of IT knowledge and always considers the clients best interests. I would have hesitation in recommending Yvan to any of my clients, candidates and contacts as business partner for Mission Critical Business Solutions.

Antonio Ciarleglio - Recruitment Consultant , Stanlake Search Ltd., 19th June 2012
Net Essence have been looking after our IT needs for many years and has overseen two moves. They are always efficient and effective and have always solved all of our problems with no fuss and in a very calm manner. They are also currently overseeing our new website design and I have every confidence that it will be up to their usual high standard.

Tim Gooding, Owner, GDC Themed events - 4th May 2011
Net Essence as well always being efficient, personable and delivering their promises also take an interest in our business and shared their extensive knowledge with us keeping us informed of new technologies and/or other ways of doing things that either saved us money or improved the effectiveness our websites or systems

Thomas Bates, General Manager at The Almanac Gallery - 4th May 2011
Net Essence work extremely well with their clients and have an excellent understanding of the clients requirements and needs. Always completing the task in hand efficiently and on time. Offers competitive prices!

Sharon Johnson, Owner, Black Care UK - 24th May 2011
[Net Essence] are very conscientious and worked beyond the call of duty to aid us in our IT battle. Amongst those for whom 'IT' is a dirty word, we were reassured by their obvious expertise, easy explanations and their calm quiet manner and we felt secure and defended at the end of their work. We cannot recommend their abilities highly enough

Scott Thrower - 4th May 2011
We have retained Net Essence's services over many years. While many of their competitors have a tendency to make an initial good impression, but subsequently let their level of service fade, Net Essence has provided consistently good and friendly assistance over the years. In addition they make a point out of keeping up to date with many of the the developments in this area.

Pieter Hellquist, Principal at Rational Investing - 4th May 2011
Net Essence's integrity, work ethic and communication skills made it a pleasure to work with them

John Imison, Technical Director, iDAQ Limited - 9th May 2011